The Doctoral School – Orthodox Theology

The Doctoral School of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University of Bucharest, awarded to Vasile G. Ispir its first Doctorate in Theology on July 11th, 1919.  Therefore, the School is enjoying a theological tradition of nearly a hundred years. After thorough examination by the specialized commissions made up usually of five members, between 1919-1948 were proclaimed as Doctors of Theology a number of 69 PhD candidates. Afterwards, between 1948-1989 were awarded 59 titles of Doctor of Theology. In recent years the number of PhD students has increased, so that on October 1st, 2016 were enrolled in the Doctoral School a number of 54 PhD students.

The doctoral program of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology comprises two components: first, teaching program based on advanced academic studies and, secondly, scientific research program completed by doctoral thesis. The PhD courses and the scientific coordination of the PhD candidates are carried out by 12 professors and 4 associate professors with extensive experience in research, who enjoy international recognition. The specializations offered by the Doctoral School are in Biblical Theology, Historical Theology and Systematic Theology.

Openness, cooperation and international reputation of the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology were important milestones over the years. In the period 1948-1981 a total of 47 PhD students from abroad have attended courses at the then Theological Institute in Bucharest, six of them obtaining a PhD in Theology. The students of the Doctoral School – Faculty of Orthodox Theology can benefit of research scholarships offered by the Romanian Patriarchate and by other academic and ecclesiastical institutions across Europe.


Bucharest, 20.02.2017                                           Prof. dr. Daniel Benga